Poster Design

Visual Guide to Recovery Poster Series

These are web versions of printable 8x10 or 10x8 posters that capture key concepts in recovery.

Awareness Poster
Awareness is C.O.L.A. (Curiosity Openness Love Acceptance) Poster
Denial Poster
Denial: My Life as a Mushroom Poster
Feelings Poster
Feelings Are Wild Horses Poster
Happiness Poster
Three Keys to Happiness Poster
Hope Poster
Loads of Hope Poster

RockPointe Church Children's Ministry Posters

These hallway and room signs set the tone for being part of a big city in the Children's Ministry wing of RockPointe Church.

The Big City Poster
Uptown Room Sign
Uptown Room Sign
The Loft Room Sign
The Loft Room Sign
Big City Room Sign
Big City Room Sign

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