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2020 – 2022

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Education & Training on UTSouthwestern.edu

With the user experience goals to be innovative, dynamic and unparalleled, we have reshaped the following sections of Education & Training on UTSouthwestern.edu:

By incorporating UX activities such as user interviews, surveys, card sorting, user task analysis, user journey mapping, prototyping, and qualitative usability testing, we've been able to significantly improve the user experience of these website sections. In addition, we've raised the quality of the content to adhere to best practices of web writing and to deliver to the user's immediate "What's in it for me?" assessment.

Education & Training on UTSouthwestern.edu

Visual Guide to Recovery

The www.VisualGuideToRecovery.com project is a responsive website compilation of recovery resources built in Webflow. I am particularly excited about the interactive conceptual pieces on Boundaries and Safe People.


The Light House Station Maternity Home Website

The www.thelighthousestation.org is a responsive website built in Webflow. The basic website design process included:


Tracy Payton Watson's Counseling Website

www.TracyPaytonWatson.com is a responsive website built in Webflow.


EveVenture Main Site

EveVenture Main Website

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